1)HRM Recreation-

2)Lake and Shore Community Recreation Society-

The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society is a non-profit organization registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks in March 2011. The Society was created to allow for community-based management of the HRM-owned Recreation Centre being built in the new Elementary School in Porter’s Lake.

Our Mission-Serving the residents and communities of HRM’s District 3, the Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society is dedicated to building a healthy, happy community through the provision of facilities and resources to foster accessible participation in recreational, cultural, sport and social activities.

3)Eastern Shore Family Resources Association-The Eastern Shore Family Resource Association is a not-for-profit, charitable organization. The association began with a Community Health Promotion Fund grant in 1994. We provide programs and services for families along the Eastern Shore from Lawrencetown/Lake Echo to Lower Ship Harbour. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the programs and services we offer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

4) -Porters Lake has become one of the fastest growing communities in the HRM and this website was created to provide information to those looking at moving to the area, for those working here to have a place on the web that they can advertise on, or to give those living here a chance to see what is happening in their community. Since starting the site in 2001 we have received over 200,000 hits and have redesigned the site to be more user friendly with a page where residents can post their own buy & sell ads or community events. We welcome pictures and local news and be sure to e-mail us with any questions or suggestions.

5) Porters Lake Soccer Association (

Porters Lake Soccer has both summer outdoor soccer and winter skills soccer for children ages 3-18years.  We also have a Women’s C Team that plays in the summer and would like to field a Men’s team as well.  If you are interested in playing or acquiring information please email:

6) Eastern Shore Cooperator-